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Watching Stilettos

From behind the brim of her coffee cup, she watches the world race from second to second, from street corner to street corner. The fifteen minutes she allots for her morning espresso are the only truly peaceful ones she gets. After these few moments of quiet contemplation and absent-minded people-watching, her day will spiral ahead of her and she will frantically dart here and there between private consultations and board meetings. Intently watching a pair of red stilettos flounce across the street, she is startled by the vexatious whines of her smartphone, simultaneously signaling the end and the beginning of her day. She allows herself to linger two minutes longer and continues to watch the stilettos. From her corner of the world those vibrant shoes look like they’re going places, but reality often has a different hue.

She gives an exasperated sigh as she files away more documents from her most recent meeting. It is now approaching noon and what little energy she had started the day with is  now all but expended. Her gaze drifts out her window into the maze of cubicles outside her office. She recognizes a red head with no name knock on the office beside hers. A short conversation seems to take place and then the head of finance – a round, busty, blonde with a nose that seems to grow daily – follows the girl down a row of cubicles, leaving the floor a quiet, desolate place. She turns back to her desk and focuses on the salad sitting in front of her. She half-heartedly stabs several limp pieces of lettuce before laying her fork down. Scourging through her purse, she pulls out several white pills and a silver flask. In one gulp she downs three tablets and a mouthful of warm amber liquid. She stands and ambles to the window overlooking the city streets far below her. Watching the throng of people, she glimpses the redhead bobbing down the street, chatting idyllically with the woman from finance. From here it’s impossible to make out any distinct persons below, but just as the imagination fabricates gruesome intruders from mere shadows, the eye recognizes familiarity where there is none.

Sitting once again at the round, little table, she takes a sip of her espresso. On the opposite side of the coffee shop sits a plainly dressed bald man. To him, the woman with the perfect white smile and neatly groomed hair, clad in the latest Burberry fashions, clutching a Coach purse, is living a life exceedingly better than his a million miles away on another planet. To her, the bald man in the corner doesn’t exist. Once again interrupting her daze, the smartphone buzzes against the table. She absentmindedly silences the phone, lingering a second longer, searching for the red stilettos she saw the day before.

The Magic Memories of Life

By: Savannah A. @ accentuate the positives

"The Deadly Circus" by: xAnonymousShadowx link:
“The Deadly Circus” by: xAnonymousShadowx

       Myrtle, a ninety-five year old woman, currently knocking on death’s door, lay quietly in bed patiently waiting for her midday meal to arrive. Knowing that her lunch would be late, she decided to pull out the old photographs from her nightstand for a quick trip down memory lane. As Myrtle sat in her room at the nursing home, she began to think of her children. This saddened Myrtle because the visits from her children had become less and less frequent throughout the years. Lying in the bright rays of sunlight that fluttered across her bed, the old, gentle woman fell softly into a tranquil sleep.

               This state of being had become Myrtle’s favorite. Here, the restrictions of old age could no longer hinder her. Here, the old woman’s frail body was agile once more, allowing her to engage effortlessly in the back-bends and somersaults of her youth.  Here, she could steer her mind adeptly in reverse, to revisit any time-period in her past. Myrtle loved sleep, for in sleep she was truly free.

               Myrtle’s dream began as all of her recent dreams had; however, suddenly and without reason her mind kicked into overdrive and her dream unfolded in such explicit detail, she felt as if it was real. Her imagination rewound itself back to a carnival she had attended years past; however, this carnival was not the typical run of the mill circus. No, this carnival was a limited engagement, in town for just one day. The big top appeared to pop up out of nowhere, and just as quickly vanquished before the rising sun of daybreak. There was no possible way to accurately describe such an utterly and inexplicably mysterious sight, so the knowledge of its existence rested with the few lucky attendees.

               As Myrtle slept in the warmth of the sunlight that splashed over her bed, this is what she dreamt…

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Whatever Works

“Write for twenty or thirty minutes and then put away what you have written without reading it over.”

Whatever Works

The above quote is from a great motivational book called Whatever Works. This book thoroughly discusses and analyzes all of the topics related to becoming a writer. I pull this quote from chapter one, because I feel that it is a great piece of advice, not only for aspiring writers, but also for seasoned ones. This quote suggests to writers that they should step away from their pens and papers. This not only helps to prevent writer’s block, but also gives a writer time to think about what they’re writing and how they wish to precede with their story. Simply stopping and resting for twenty or thirty minutes will clear your mind and prevent that inner critic from appearing too soon. This is an extremely important piece of advice that all writers can benefit from implementing.

— accentuate the positives

Who I Am…

Hi! Thanks for looking into my blog. My name is Savannah A., and I currently reside in Never-Never Land. Although I have lived in a variety of different places, I believe that Neverland is my absolute favorite. Here my creative juices can run wild and I can live in a perpetual state of youthfulness. I am an aspiring writer and through this blog, I hope to attain a better understanding of writing in general. Please feel free to comment on my site, I am open to any and all suggestions or criticisms.

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